Keep moving, stay fit

‘People in the Netherlands do not exercise enough’. For schools and companies but also individually is that difficult to plan and organize.

Keep moving, stay fit and be of service. Lifestyle sports and dance for all ages; everything is possible.

Keep moving, stay fit aims to connect various parties with the intrinsic motivation to get and keep people moving.

And to look together at how the expertise of these parties can connect with each other and be transferred to users.

Many sporting initiatives often arise in the same environment – from municipalities, from welfare organizations affiliated with the municipality, from sports clubs and from the sports sector itself. Due to the multitude of initiatives, it is sometimes difficult to get a good overall picture of the possibilities that exist in the field of sports.

In addition, it is important to organize exercise activities that appeal to multiple target groups: young people (whether or not through school), the elderly and people for whom, for whatever reason, exercise is not self-evident. The term ‘customization’ often has an exclusive stamp but in this context is intended to achieve more inclusiveness.

An important point of attention is that this movement is extra interesting when it also offers perspective to other entrepreneurs in the area and that they also see opportunities to contribute. For example, the participation of local catering entrepreneurs, by promoting healthy food. But also entrepreneurs affiliated with the various shopping centers and other companies that are located in a municipality can participate in such a sequel.

The underlying idea of a new sports & health movement should be one simple basic question: what is the consumer benefit from the actions that arise from the movement? So no complicated instruments or broadly rigged organizational structure, but the possibility for the consumer who wants to participate in sporting and healthy activities in an accessible way. And the larger and more varied the offer, the more people will want to participate. But also how do we inform the consumer of the possibilities that are offered and how do we get them enthusiastic to participate.