Rider fit

Whether you practice equestrian sports recreationally or (semi) professionally; make sure you are as fit as your horse.

Usually all attention goes to the training of your horse but for a "performance" you are jointly responsible.

Your own fitness ensures that you have a good time together. Posture, balance and condition are parts that are extremely important for your horse but certainly also for you.

A regular training focused on your sport can help you enjoy your sport together.

Editorial equestrian fit BIT magazine in collaboration with Adelinde Cornelissen



Training Swedish rider Emelie Ängus

Emelie Ängus on the specific training program for riders:

"Martine made a program for me as an amazone, specially constructed for that reason, that make me prepared and fit for my sport.

She combined a workout scheme, tailored to my wishes, to get a good mix of exercises, coordination, balance and at the same time focused on what is really important to reach my goal.

We did bootcamp and interval in the woods, nice to be outside, an inspiring area.
On the road she provided me with an inline skate traject, important for balance, condition, technique and explosive training.
During the training we had a reflection about my wishes concerning the program.
I really have the feeling that her knowledge about allround fitness training is on a high level!
The program she offered, helped me in feeling fit and in a good harmony with my horse!"

Emelie Ängus
Emelie Ängus