Who am I?

Martine du Floo. Leontien Verhoeff Photo

I am Martine du Floo. My life is dominated by movement. Physical movement helps me to be powerful in life. It provides balance. But movement also stands for spiritual growth. Discover what possibilities there are to become and stay naturally healthy. It is my conviction that people, animals and nature function optimally when they live together in harmony and move together.

Movement and dance

I have over 30 years of experience as an exercise coach and as a dancer. In addition, I am a classical homeopath for humans and animals and cranio sacral therapist horse. If you would like more information about this, please visit http://www.martinedufloo.nl

I regularly provide activities in the field of movement and dance. Recently I was the initiator behind the corona kilo challenge Leusden and I brought together various sports and health centers to make this challenge a success.

In the context of devising a follow-up to this "quick-start", I started the trajectory keep moving-stay-fit.