Exercise program schools


A move2gather project does not contain a competition element, but wants to give children the opportunity to be more self-aware in life, to become more resilient, to reduce fear of failure.

It allows children to create together and increases body awareness. In addition, work is being done on health awareness.

The theme 'self-expression' is the common thread: every child has the need to express himself/herself in his/her own way.

By doing that, the child gains self-confidence and becomes more resilient.
The programme aims to promote integration and create mutual understanding, thereby minimising bullying behaviour and initiating the concept of 'cooperation'.

Together, together, and to gather, collecting: collecting beautiful moments together and understanding for each other.

After consultation with the supervisors, the training is tailor-made. Various components can be used. From dance, 'boot camp' to working with horses and bushcraft activities.

I connect initiatives in the field of health in the vicinity of the school.

Example program