Quick-start of 6 weeks

The municipality of Leusden has set up a 6-weekly challenge that can be used as a quick-start to make a start on motivating people to do more exercise and to pay more attention to their health.

From 1 March 2021, all inhabitants of the environment of Leusden (middle of the Netherlands) could participate for free in the corona-kilo-challenge: an initiative of various sports & health entrepreneurs in our municipality to get as many people as possible moving. Many sports & health centres had sometimes been closed for weeks due to the lock-down and they saw that people found it increasingly difficult to move or exercise. That is why these entrepreneurs joined forces and offered free exercise programs online for 6 weeks.

The sports & health entrepreneurs of the village of Leusden wanted to do something for Leusden together – despite the fact that their sports and exercise centers have been limited or not open at all for weeks: “More exercise is good for your body, it makes you feel better and you may lose some extra corona kilos” was the slogan. Everyone could participate in the challenge. They offered different sports and exercise programs at different levels, from relaxation exercises to intensive workouts. In addition, nutritionists gave tips for a healthy diet.

Initiative gives energy

Mayor of Leusden, Gerolf Bouwmeester was very enthousiastic about the initiative: “Gyms and people with contact professions are having a hard time due to the corona crisis. I think it is very nice to see that entrepreneurs from this sector have visited each other and have selflessly set up a campaign together. A campaign that hopefully gives everyone energy.

How did the challenge work?

The challenge started on Monday 1 March 2021 and lasted 6 weeks, until Monday 12 April 2021. The complete offer consisted of home programs to sports and exercise lessons and tips from the participating sports and exercise centers.

During that period, the catering industry offered a healthy snack on their menu.

“Keep moving, stay fit” was the connector of these centers.

The concept of this 6-weekly initiative can be used as a tailor-made quick-start program “keep moving, stay, fit!”