Moving without thresholds

From 2023 I have the plan to start 'moving without thresholds'. Moving without thresholds for people who need special guidance.

After an intake and then a personal training program follows a block of a number of lessons in small groups and later inclusivity by combining groups with different needs.

The groups consist of a maximum of 15 people.

Source Leusder Krant

Moving without barriers for everyone.

What does it mean?

The 'removal' of thresholds to move.

For whom?

People with Parkinson's

  • For people who suffer from the negative effects of Parkinson's disease. They can participate in an exercise program specially designed for them. It is known that a form of dance has a positive effect.

Research has shown that exercise has a positive effect on Parkinson's disease. Exercise could slow the progression of Parkinson's symptoms and also affects walking, cognitive functions and thus the quality and pleasure of life.

For people in a before/after cancer trajectory

For people with cancer (before and after)

  • And for people who want to build up self-confidence after cancer to start participating again in the 'normal' life they knew before their disease and the treatments. During the treatment process but also after the period after cancer when the therapeutic process has been completed.

Participation in these lessons is in consultation with the practitioner if this process has not yet been completed.


– dancing/moving for people with Parkinson's

– exercise programs for people after cancer

Interested? Send an email to Then I will contact you.