Exercise in cancer

Every year, nearly 120,000 people are told they have cancer. A complicated disease that is still not always easy to cure.

A healthy lifestyle and a strong body can have a positive effect before, during and after treatments. For a tailor-made exercise program, people with cancer can come to me.

Exercise for more self-confidence

The exercise program is aimed at letting participants experience how physical movement supports their recovery process and thus give them more self-confidence. For example, to resume 'normal' life, or to participate in group sports lessons. The program starts after an intake and contact with the current practitioner with individual training. Over time, participants may choose to move in small groups.

Positive effects of exercise

Various studies show that strength training has positive effects for cancer patients. Even intensive training – under specialized guidance and tailored to the individual possibilities – is possible. In addition, it has been found that people who participate in physical training during chemotherapy can tolerate this therapy better than people who move less or not at all.

Exercise for a smooth recovery

Exercise ensures better physical health. This leads to a smoother recovery after, for example, a major operation. But it also ensures a better starting position prior to surgery.

I provide the training on location.

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